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We are a new and rapidly growing team, with multiple funded PDRA, technical and student positions upcoming in 2024. See below for currently advertised opportunities, or reach out to learn about forthcoming roles.

Current opportunities

  • Funded PhD Studentship

    Bioelectronics for bioelectricity: developing a platform to interrogate the role of bioelectricity in biological phenomena, including cancer

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  • Postdoctoral Research Associates
    Coming soon

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  • Technician
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We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team, and welcome applicants with diverse career paths and backgrounds, regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation and transgender status.

Why join us?

PhD scholarships

The opportunities advertised above are either fully- or competition-funded scholarships. This means a successful candidate will have their postgraduate tutition fees paid and will receive a stipend to support their living costs.

What is a fully-funded studentship? | Learn more

This means that this specific project already has funding secured for the studentship. If you are accepted by the programme/university, you will receive funding.

Accepted students will typically have their tuition fees paid and will receive a stipendium to support living costs.

Depending on the funding source, there may be restrictions. For example: UKRI studentships are available for international students, but only at home fees level. Furthermore, the proportion of awards that can be made to international students for a given programme is limited to 30% per year. This means that the availability of eligible funding can vary over time, depending on how many international students have already been admitted onto the programme.

These factors should be indicated in the advert or you can always contact the team if something is unclear.

What is a competition-funded studentship? | Learn more

This means that this project is being offered alongside others from different academics as part of the same funding scheme. Only a subset of these projects will be funded. There are (broadly speaking) two stages to the application process:

  1. Apply and be accepted to the programme (but without a guarentee of funding).

  2. Be allocated funding from a selection panel, based on the strongest accepted candidates.

Each scheme has slightly different requirements, you can always contact the team if something is unclear.

Other funding schemes exist - these aren't necessarily tied to a particular project, academic, or institution. If you are looking to support your studies through one of these schemes, you will typically first need an (unfunded) offer from the University of York. This confirms you meet the entry requirements for the course and have been accepted for study. You will also need to apply to the relevant scheme for funding.

If you are planning to apply to join the team, supported by one of these schemes, reach out to discuss relevant opportunities.

Specific schemes

The University of York maintains a list of relevant schemes for Home and International students:

Postdoctoral fellowships

Are you looking for a supportive, welcoming and interdisciplinary environment for you and your research idea?

We can support postdoctoral fellowship candidates with ideas that align well with the Complex Interface Team's mission. You will benefit from exposure to an exciting programme of research, world-class facilities and support from both the Team and the University of York's extensive researcher development programmes.

We are committed to the personal development of all team members, both embodied through our support of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, but also our own team ethos.

If you are looking for a sponsor to support your fellowship application, and have an idea that could align well with the team's mission, then please reach out.

What is a postdoctoral fellowship? | Learn more

This a type of funding, obtained directly by a researcher in their own name (rather than an advertised postdoctoral position). It allows the individual to carry out their own research ideas, as well as focus on their personal development. They are offered through a variety of schemes/funders (each with slightly differing requirements).

Postdoctoral fellowships are typically aimed at researchers in the early stages of their career, who already have a PhD, and are looking to develop their independence, while working within a host research group.

Relevant schemes

These are examples of schemes with suitable scope to the core research focus of the Complex Interface Team: