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We investigate complex interfaces. Our fundamental research focuses on interfaces between bioelectronics and biology, to understand their therapeutic potential.

We also consider other interfaces - such as improving the way we conduct our research, and how we can foster strong working relationships both internally and externally to support our science.

Our expertise

Our core expertise is in biomaterials development and organic bioelectronics, along with high-throughput image analysis. This allows us to microfabricate complex interfaces that deliver multiplexed stimulating/sensing surfaces to biological systems, while allowing us to rapidly assess many output parameters.

We combine bioengineering, solid-state physics, electronic engineering, modelling, surface chemistry, material science and cell biology.

We are a highly interdisciplinary team, but can't do everything: we colloborate with discipline-leading experts in academia, to deliver meaningful insight.

Forthcoming projects

  • Bioelectronics for Bioelectricity

    Link to Biolectronic Interfaces project

    Novel bioelectronic interfaces for probing the role of bioelectricity in living organisms

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Ongoing projects

  • Biological Metamaterials

    Link to Biological Metamaterials project

    Understanding the relationship between nanostructures and cellular response

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  • Organic Bioelectronics for Biosensing

    Link to Organic Bioelectronics project

    Using conjugated polymers to build new biosensors and biointerfaces

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  • Image analysis

    Link to Image Analysis project

    Developing image-analysis pipelines for working with large microscopy datasets

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Prior research

Read more about Stuart's previous PhD and post-doctoral research projects.

  • Energy harvesting

    Link to Energy Harvesting project

    Fabricating organic diodes for energy harvesting circuits in smart packaging

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  • Organic transistors

    Link to Organic Transistors project

    Additive manufacturing for flexible, organic transistors and circuits

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  • Deceleration beamline

    Link to Deceleration Beamline project

    A deceleration beamline for studying solar wind interactions in the lab

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