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Defining how we work

With the formation of a new team comes a significant number of new protocols and procedures, both scientific and managerial in nature. We are openly working to define our practice, using our experience and by talking to our peers.

Work in progress

We're defining our policies as we grow the team.

What is a Lab Handbook?

The concept of a Lab Handbook relates to a physical or virtual document, which codifies various procedures and protocols conducted in a laboratory. It can also define, in a broader sense, how teams choose to work together.

Currently, we separate out our Team Ethos from our protocols and procedures (by defining the 'Lab' as a specific physical space, as opposed to a synonym for 'Group' or 'Team'), but more widely there is considerable overlap between these documents (other terms include 'Lab Code of Conduct').

Existing resources

We are still gathering information, including sourcing inspiration from publicly shared Lab Handbooks we have found online. Here is a a sample of what we've been reading:

We are not necessarily endorsing the content of these policies. We are just providing them as reference material.

Lab Handbooks

Lab Codes of Conduct

Meeting/Conference guides