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Team Ethos

Our Team believes that:

  • everyone has the right to work in a safe and secure environment

  • happy, supported individuals are able to achieve their goals more effectively

  • teams that combine expertise and experience from multiple backgrounds, viewpoints and disciplines deliver better science

We strive for the highest quality science, and understand that to do that effectively, looking after ourselves and the team is critical. This means:

  • always being respectful of our colleagues and differences of opinion

  • setting healthy work boundaries, to enjoy our life outside of work

Our Lab supports and adheres to various policies and commitments, including:

We consider the impact of our work on others. This means:

  • communicating our work in an accesible manner, so that as many people as possible can engage with, query and benefit from our research

  • carefully considering our ideas and experimental designs, to ensure they don't inadvertently disadvantage others

  • committing to sharing our findings and data in a transparent manner, and providing the methodological details required to ensure full reproducibility of our findings

By joining the Team, all members recognise, support and advocate this ethos, in order to deliver the best in research culture, integrity and methods.

This ethos is an ever evolving document. If you have feedback, please contact us.

Last updated: January 2024